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Goat Daddy's Farm and Animal Sanctuary is a working farm and Grade A Goat Dairy and 501c3 Animal Sanctuary.Owned and operated by Jason Southers and Josh Slade, the farm is located on 65+ acres of old growth forest just outside of Columbia, SC.

The farm's mission is to provide consumers with a location where they can purchase true humanely raised products and help other beginner farmers learn as well.
Our farm is open to the public weekly and is a transparent operation. We believe the only way you can ensure that the products you are purchasing is being raised humanely is to see it first hand!

Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf, and Mini-Nubian goats make up the herd of nearly 50 goats and their high butterfat and eager browsing habits are what give the cheese its phenomenal taste. 


We host Kids Camps in the summer that allow kids to interact with farm life first hand as well as homesteading classes, dairy goat care classes, baby goat care classes, and soap making classes.

For current events please check out our EVENTS PAGE and be sure to follow us across our social media channels:  YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook

Annually we have goat kids available. If you are interested in adopting one of our goats please check out our goats for sale page


We are blessed with an amazing staff who not only works tremendously hard to bring our quality farm raised products to our customers, but genuinely care about the well being of our farm animals and the future of our farm. To meet them, visit our Meet the Staff page

Would you like to volunteer at the farm?
Click here to find out more!

Check out this video made by Mercede Productions to hear a little bit more about the farm!

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