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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase your goat milk and goat cheese?

You can find our cheese in a number of retail stores throughout SC including 14 Carrot Whole Foods, Cold Creek Nurseries, Wingards Market, Three Sisters Essentials, and South by Sunset

Is the facility wheelchair accessible? 

The terrain at the facility consists of a mixture of grass, gravel, and concrete. While the facility is wheelchair accessible and a number of guests in wheelchairs have toured before, there may be certain areas that are more difficult to navigate than others. 

How can I volunteer?

If you're interested in volunteering please fill our our volunteer form. Volunteers will be contacted when time slots become available. Volunteers primary job will consist of animal enclosure maintenance including waste and debris removal.

Can you take my animal or help with a rescue situation?

As much as we would like, we can't take in every single animal. Space, staff, and funding are three factors that greatly impact our ability to take in certain animals. If there is an animal in need of rescue contact us and we will do our best to either take in the animal or connect you with another facility that can. 

Can we buy goats from you?

Anyone purchasing goats needs to watch our Goat Care Video, and showcase a comprehensive knowledge of general goat care. When it comes down to the difficult questions or concerns, we're here to help. Future goat owners must send pictures of their pen setup, housing for the goats, and vet references in order to move to the next step of adoption. If you'd like to see what goats are available for sale, check out our Goats for Sale Page

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