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Please check out these videos before contacting us about purchasing a goat:

How to Buy a Goat from us

The Ultimate Baby Goat Guide


All of the goats sold off the farm are vaccinated for CDT, disbudded, tattooed, and all females are registered with the ADGA unless otherwise noted. Goats are sold to approved homes only and prices are non-negotiable and all sales are final once the goat leaves our property.


If you are interested in adopting one of our goats, please email us directly with who you are interested in. Please have veterinary references available upon request, pictures of future fencing and housing available, and a knowledge of proper goat care. Although blue eyes and unique patterns are pretty to look at, our goats are bred primarily for milk production and health.


Payments for goats are due at the time of pickup and cash is preferred. Goats are not sold in singles. This means if you would like to purchase one of our babies or adults, you will have to get two unless otherwise discussed.

Our herd is negative of CAE, JOHNES, CL, TB, and Brucellosis. Test results can be provided upon request. Once you purchase a goat from us you are forever a part of the Goat Daddy's Family and we will be here to advise and support you with any goat issue you may have in the future. Please be sure to watch our "How to Purchase a Goat from Us" video prior to contacting us with interest in any of the available goats, you can access it via the Home page, or through our YouTube channel.



Goat Daddy's Luna x J and J Carolina Kidz Kasota

Sire: J and J Carolina Kidz Kasota

Dam: Goat Daddy's Luna

More info: Buck, intact


Nigerian Dwarf Goat


Brown with white spots, brown eyes







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