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Many ask “Why would you want to do yoga with a bunch of goats?” to which I am often left in shock. The question should be, “Why WOULDN’T you want to do yoga with a bunch of goats!”

Our Goat Yoga classes are done in the open air.


If the weather is cooperating, we will do “Goat Yoga” in the pasture where the babies typically spend their days munching hay and leaves and enjoying life. During rainy or muddy weather yoga is done under a covered shelter where the babies are free to roam amongst our guests.

Carlie Flowers is our yoga instructor and is excellent with making sure the yoga moves are safe for young goats and new participants as well as fun to do with goats all around you and possibly on your back.

Two goats in a yoga class
Person smiling at a camera with a baby goat

The baby goats are here because we are a dairy and annually our goats give birth in the month of February through March. Our babies are bottle fed and disbudded to keep them from injuring each other with horns as well as guests. Depending on the time of year you participate in yoga classes will determine the sizes of the babies as well as the number of babies in the pen. 

During yoga a “Goat Daddy” will be close by with sanitizer and wipes to clean any accidents! After the hour long yoga class we will take a break to make sure everyone can spend some time with the babies and get all the much needed baby goat selfies before heading over to mimosa table to fill a glass and take a tour around the farm and meet all the other occupants that call Goat Daddy’s Farm home! 

Goat yoga pose
Baby goat yoga

  • It is important to remember that these baby goats are raised by us from day one, they are named and loved and will either stay on our farm to grow our dairy goat herd or will go on to be pets in VERY carefully vetted homes. If you would like to participate, please make sure that you WANT to spend time with the babies and enjoy baby goats. Do not sign up because your wife or girlfriend “made” you and then get irritated when the babies are coming to you for scratches, if that ever happened, and it has happened, we would ask you and your cold dead heart to please leave. 😊 

  • If you would like to sign up for a goat yoga class please check out the EVENTS tab for the next available date! 

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