When the two met in 2010, they never knew what the future would hold. Now, just 10 years later, Josh is still working from home for the same company and Jason has quit his “day job” to run the farm. “Goat Daddy’s Farm” was meant to be a place for the animals they had accumulated while living in their previous postage stamp neighborhood. Outdoor aviaries went up for their parrots and for the pot belly pigs they had been boarding. Not far behind, the first goats and chickens arrived, and from there it has been a roller coaster ride of blood, sweat, and tears; all well worth it at the end of the day!


From the very start of the farm Jason's sister has been there. Living only about a mile away and having the patience of a saint, she has witnessed the first babies ever being born on the farm and delivered some too! She helped with milking the first few years when Jason worked full time, and deserves a big thanks for helping make the farm what it has grown into today!


She spends her days now creating sculpted art and jewelry which can be found in our farm store as well as making all of the farms cheeses!


Prior to starting Goat Daddy’s Farm, the “Goat Dads” were quite normal people. Jason served in the United States Army in veterinary services, working in the food inspection field as well as working with the Army’s canines and serving for a year in Afghanistan. He is a Fayetteville, NC native, but stayed in Columbia after completing a duty assignment at Fort Jackson. 


Josh works from home and is a graduate from the U of SC Darla Moore School of Business and is a Columbia Native. He has been a league bowler for most of his life and has a deep love for animals and the outdoors. 



Jonas started working on the farm in March, 2018 when he was 12 years old. He has gone from helping out with simple chores like cleaning out the barn, to now at 15, assisting with veterinary procedures, giving medications to animals, giving goats pedicures, and managing day to day farm activities. He is an avid photographer and one day hopes to start his own photography business.